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If you are interested in playing poker but you are unaware of some of its common terms then you might feel weird while sitting on a poker table and even during an online game. Yes, as the internet rise took place in our generation the concept of online 9club casino indonesia and poker games became immensely popular and people love to spend hours playing it on their device with the help of an internet connection. Therefore, no matter if you are playing in a real-life 9club indonesia or on the internet, learning the basic terms of poker is quite important. So that if someone asks you what does check mean in poker you can answer him or her.

A wide range of terms in Poker

Just like any kind of sport indoor as well as outdoor several terms are used. For instance, home run for baseball, penalty shoot for football and LBW for cricket similarly there are several terms used in the game of poker. Therefore, learning all of them might not be as easy as learning the terms of other sports is. Here are some of the important and interesting terms that are used very commonly in the poker game on the internet as well as in real life.

Action, Ante and All In some important terms of Poker

These three terms are quite important in the game of poker whether it is being played online or offline. Here is a brief introduction of them-


  • Action is a term that is referred to all raises and bets that are put in a hand.
  • Ante, before a hand begins in the game of poker each and every player is required to make a small contribution in the form of bet for seeding the pot. It is called as Ante
  • All In, if a poker player has placed all his money in the bet it is not allowed that all the money goes in their pocket. This also includes the virtual pocket in spite of that another pot is created for the rest of the players to make a contribution after one player has declared, All In.


Along with these terms, there are several other important terms as well. Let’s move further to know what does check mean in poker.

Understanding Check As Well As Check Raise

There are two meanings of check in the game of poker. The first meaning could be a substitute word for the chip and the second meaning could be the option of not betting and still retaining the call right as well as later raise. On the other hand, check-raise is considered as checking act and making a raise when a fellow player behind you is placing his or her bets. This is an integral part of some champion poker player’s strategy.

Now when you got to know about most of the terms used in the poker games, it might be helpful for you to make a strategy for a game.