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The set of poker games can be bought from some websites online. In which, you get everything regarding all kinds of poker games. If you want to buy the chips that are used in a poker game then you can go on the websites and can order the poker chips as per your requirements. There are mainly three types of poker chips available. One is the most popular poker chip is a clay poker chip. That is made of clay material. The other poker chips are plastic chips and ceramic material chips.

The types of poker chips available

  • There are different types of poker chips are available in the market. They are different in the material used not in sizes. There are three main types of poker chips available. If you are thinking about where to buy poker chip then you can buy any of them online as per your requirements.
  • The clay poker chips are one of the most used poker chips. In most of the casinos, the clay chips are used very frequently. They are expensive and don’t lose colour. These chips are made of the best material. 
  • The second type of chip is plastic chips which are light in weight than the clay poker chips. That is not very much famous. But you can buy these chips online. These chips are the cheapest. But in a casino, you won’t find the plastic chips.
  • The third type of poker chip is ceramic poker chips, which are used in most of the casinos. These chips have a smooth surface. The best thing is that these are highly durable. These possess a high cost because of the material and decoration used. 
  • If you want to buy the poker chips for home play then you are suggested to buy the composite poker chips. These are mostly purchased for regular home คา สิ โน ไทย games. These chips are colour as the casino chips and these chips are quite slippery. The weight of composite poker chips is found around eleven to twelve grams. In these chips, the metal is inserted inside the good quality plastic material.


Purchase the poker chips   

Most people don’t know where to buy poker chip. So through online websites, you can purchase the clays chips. If you want to but a full case of the poker included clay chips then you need to go online websites and order the poker case. 

These chips are different in weight and material used so there will be different prices listed on the online purchasing websites. There are different colours of chips like white, blue, green, red, purple, black, and orange. So when you purchase the case of the poker game you will find every poker chips inside. 

So there are different types of chips available for the poker game. The most popular poker chips are used in a casino is clay poker chips. And one clay chip possesses eight to ten grams of weight. You can buy any of them online as per your requirements.